Servicing all areas

South East QLD
Welcome to Seek Financial - finding you a better deal.
August 2, 2021

Servicing all areas

South East QLD

About us

We at Seek Financial contribute our efforts to helping people with an all rounded banking solution supported by a lasting relationship. Our expertise covers all types of loans including home and investment, commercial, rural and equipment finance.

Action plans are undertaken at the outset in order that our clients are able to focus on a path to achieving financial well being. We provide insights into banking products and services and their complexities that have evolved in an era of increasing internet connectivity.

Our members work alongside their client as we believe that collective efforts are good grounding for achieving financial, wealth and personal goals. Seek Financial look to relevant banking support rather than a familiar solution that may not necessarily fit with our client’s needs.

We look forward to discussing and discovering your aspirations over a cup of coffee and put our expertise to work providing you with a great customer experience.

Our Expert Team

Our Seek Financial experts will evaluate the best ways to put your money to work. We will ensure we source you the best deal for your financial situation.  Seek Financial brokers are flexible and can meet you on your schedule, plus we have relationships with multiple banks and the cost to you is ZERO.

Steve Martin

Steve is the founder of Seek Financial and is an experienced broker with over 10 years in the Banking & Finance Sector. His roles in the past have included Business Banking Manager, Westpac, Relationship Manager, Westpac Premium and Industry Specialist.
Call Steve 0407 682 796

Bob Martin

Finance Broker
Bob is a fully Accredited Finance Broker who has vast experience and an extensive business background. Bob has worked structuring major development opportunities for corporate property portfolios as well as key responsibilities in finance, acquisitions and budgets.
Call Bob 0429 009 121

Andrew Stewart

Finance Broker
Andrew is a finance expert and brings over 10 years of financial services experience having worked at Bankwest in both the Business Banking and Private Bank divisions as well as working in the role of a Healthcare industry specialist at Westpac Premium Bank.
Call Andrew 0403 744 336

Matthew Beach

Finance Broker
Matthew is an experienced finance professional, having worked in the banking sector for over 12 years in client relationship management roles with ANZ and Westpac.  These roles have been within Private Bank, Business Bank and Institutional Bank, both in Australia and Singapore.
Call Matthew 0417 607 297

Andrew Foreman

Finance Broker
Andrew Foreman is a Business and Personal Banking Specialist who works with Self Employed clients to achieve their personal and business financial goals. Andrew  knows that cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and he has learnt from working with small to medium size business’s over the past 20 years that no two are the same.
Call Andrew 0487 924 239